About me Ali Mohajerkhorasani

About Me

I was born (November 12, 1996). I studied at Ofogh English Loss School for 5 years. In 1394, I studied mechanical engineering at Golestan State University of Natural Resources, and in 1399, I dropped out of my field.

In the year (1398), due to my great interest in programming, I entered this job and started taking various programming courses until today, and I did not give up training for a moment, and in (July 1400) I entered the field of work in this I became a string.

I worked in Partotap Ryan Company on (12/4/1400), as: site designer / site supporter / SEO specialist and designed and implemented two company websites for this collection with two different losses (English / Persian) And various other capabilities and updates.

I worked in Peyayeezh Company on (1/1/1401) as: IT department manager / site designer / site supporter / SEO specialist. I designed and implemented a company website for this collection with various capabilities and updates, especially the multilingual nature of this site and online chat.

Designing Ms. Mohagheghin’s personal website to book online consultation time by phone / in person / online in several different sections using online booking tools and online chat for ease of scheduling and booking time.

I have done various other projects during this period, which can be seen in the projects section, and by clicking on the link below, you can be informed about the projects done by me.

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